Important Election Information (August 7 Primary)

As Primary election ballots are set to be mailed next week for the August 7th election, I wanted to share our recommendations with you on the Supreme Court races and three other very important races for consumers and citizens.

Election statistics show that about twenty percent of voters skip the judicial races on their ballots. We know it is critical to have the right men and women leading our judicial system. We want to share with you the candidates we support and some reasons why.

There are three Supreme Court races on your ballot: Continue reading Important Election Information (August 7 Primary)

Tinnitus – Silence is Golden

tinnitusAnyone who has experienced ringing (buzzing, clicking, etc.) in the ears, for any period of time, knows how irritating this problem can be. This ringing, known as tinnitus, can cause significant problems including concentration difficulties, irritability, sleep disturbances, difficulty following conversations, anxiety, depression, interference with personal relationships and fatigue. Frequently, the Department simply ignores these functional problems. Continue reading Tinnitus – Silence is Golden