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Cost Of Living Adjustment – July 1, 2017

Effective July 1, 2017, injured workers will receive an increase factor of 1.0476960532 from the Department of Labor and Industries.

If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, your COLA is calculated every three years. If you are receiving these benefits, you may not receive a COLA until your claim is reviewed for its three year COLA review.

AVVO Review by Client- 04.12.17 – L&I

I can’t say enough on my appreciation to the whole staff for taking care of me like I was #1…….even after the case they continue to take care of any questions I might have had and they fought tooth and nail to make things right in my case. They really did hold my hand thru the entire process + and thanks to all the staff for fighting for me and helping me thru this. special thanks to Julie Hatcher for your help and keeping my nerves in check. Thank you all….