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I reached out to Williams, Wyckoff & Ostrander for help with dealing with L&I, due to my back injury.  I had a friend who recommended me to the firm and my father previously used the firm, as well.  Although it was a long process because of L&I, it was a great experience working with Doug and the firm, as a whole.  They were very informative, and everyone treated me great.  I have recommended WWO to family and friends, as they did a fantastic job! – Rich Oliveria

Doug Wyckoff - Lawyer

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Doug has successfully tried cases before juries and judges in 17 different Washington State Counties.  Doug has worked as a private practice trial lawyer in Olympia since his admission to practice in 1978.  He has represented injured workers, labor unions and employees before superior court judges and juries, as well as state boards and commissions.  For example, see

Doug is an Eagle Member in the Washington State Association of Justice (WSAJ).  He has authored articles for other trial lawyers.  Most recently, Doug has dedicated his trial practice to representing injured workers throughout the State of Washington.  In 2005, Doug, along with Wayne Williams and Dane Ostrander, formed the firm of Williams, Wyckoff & Ostrander, PLLC.

Doug has also argued cases in Washington’s Appellate Courts. 

In his free time, Doug watches the Husky football games and enjoys spending time with his family, especially his grandchildren. Doug loves to garden, cook, and is a Dan Hicks fan.


In 2013, Doug Wyckoff helped me overturn a decision by the Department of Labor and Industries, which closed my claim. Doug filed an appeal and won the case at the Board, resulting in a lifetime pension. I would recommend Doug as an attorney because he is very knowledgeable, professional, but also down to earth. You do not think of him as an attorney, as much as you think of him as someone really trying to help. Their office is very professional. Doug tells you exactly how he thinks it is going to go!! No hidden maybes. He does not want you to be disappointment, so he is very upfront and honest. I would recommend Doug to anyone with a problem with L & I. – Ron Leischner

I would like to express my gratitude to Doug Wyckoff and his associates for the many hours of work they have done on my workers’ compensation case. It was October 20th, 2000 when I was involved in a work related accident that caused permanent injury to my back. After five years working with a different legal office, I chose to seek Doug’s legal counsel based on the recommendation of a friend and previous client of Doug’s. He guided me through the many challenges of the L&I process, and over the course of many years, his dedicated work helped me gain a pension plan from L&I, as I am unable to return to work.
– Lance M. Maier

In 2014, Doug Wyckoff helped me overcome two horrible decisions made by the Department of Labor and Industries. L&I, after ten years of trying to get back to work and recover from a roll over log truck injury, L&I found me employable and claimed that I was committing fraud. Doug filed two appeals with the Board and won them both. The result was the fraud finding was reversed and I was awarded a lifetime pension. I would recommend Doug as an attorney because he is not afraid of the L & I culture of arrogance and self‐proliferation. Doug is efficient and effective. Doug is, believe it or not, an honest attorney. Look no further ‐ Doug Wyckoff is the attorney you need. – Neil Derline

We were completely satisfied with the hard work & attention to detail that we received from Doug & his team. Our case was not your routine injury claim, Doug embraced it & us from the start knowing that this was going to be a difficult case to resolve. Doug & his team were always prepared or one step ahead of the opposition & as a result we prevailed in our case & made caselaw history on the way. Now everyone that comes next can refer to our case as precedent .I would retain the services of WWO law firm again & recommend them to anyone. They are a honest, personable, ethical, decent law firm that cares about their clients. – John & Cindy Lewis

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