Julie Harter

Legal Assistant


about Julie

Julie was born and raised in Michigan and moved to Washington State in 2008 with her husband. Julie has an associates degree in business with a specialty in the field of a legal assistant. Before moving to WA, she worked as a legal secretary for 8 years at a law firm that handled many different cases, including workers’ compensation cases. Once she moved to Washington State, she worked for 10 years as an administrative assistant for Anderson Island Fire/Rescue. After taking some time off to be with her children, Julie began working for Williams, Wyckoff & Ostrander in October of 2022 as a legal assistant.

Julie is married and has two daughters. In her free time she enjoys time with her family traveling, hiking, camping, and boating. She also enjoys gardening and reading.

Julie enjoys working with our clients and helping them navigate through the L&I system.

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